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Discover Elements of AI

Getting started with AI

999 / 5 Sessions

Fun AI Playgrounds with Scratch

Let’s start from Scratch and Learn AI

1,999 / 5 Sessions


Interactive conversational agent designed to teach AI concepts to young kids!

999 / 5 Sessions

Xperienz The World Of AI

Be AI awesome !

999 / 5 Sessions

Playful AI Explorations with Scratch

My first Scratch AI code!

1,999 / 5 Sessions

Build your own Android + IOS app

Coding games, animations, stories & much more!

2,999 / 10 Sessions

Explore Javascript for AI

A versatile, easy to understand hands-on curriculum

4,999 / 30 Sessions

Discover AI with Python

Deep dive into one of the best AI coding platforms

4,999 / 30 Sessions

Xperienz Python + JS for AI

Explore AI applications with 2 powerful platforms

8,999 / 60 Sessions