Space & Data Science

Space & Data Science

1,499 / 5 Sessions

Explore space & dive into the world of data with this Microsoft USA co-curated course

  • Duration: 5 Sessions

  • Age range: 11 years
  • Level: Basic
  • Duration : 5 Sessions x ~ 1 hour
  • Mode: Online and Tutor Led
  • Learning content: Rich & Experiential
  • # of lessons: 5
  • Learning Experience: Hands-On
  • Concepts: Data Understanding and Analysis
  • Subscription validity :
  • Course Certificate on Completion
  • Membership in AIWS community

List of courses

  • Space & Data Science

    We introduce students to a 5-hour introductory course in Space & Data Science, co-curated with Microsoft USA. In this module, students explore the factors influencing the launch and stability of a rocket as it travels through the atmosphere. Next, students learn how to create charts and graphs using an AI-enhanced feature in Excel. In the final step, students interpret the visualized data to make a Go/No-Go determination for a rocket launch. Throughout the mission, students discover real-world applications of using data in their daily lives.

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