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Discover Elements of AI

Getting started with AI

999 / 5 Sessions

Fun AI Playgrounds with Scratch

Let’s start from Scratch and Learn AI

1,499 / 5 Sessions

Xperienz The World Of AI

Be AI awesome !

999 / 5 Sessions

Playful AI Explorations with Scratch

My first Scratch AI code!

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AI Primus

Everyone can learn AI

4,999 / 24 Sessions

Space & Data Science

Explore space & dive into the world of data with this Microsoft USA co-curated course

1,499 / 5 Sessions

AI Meets AR

Explore AI in Gaming

2,999 / 10 Sessions

Data Science

A Special course co-curated with Dr. Boaler & team Stanford University

2,999 / 10 Sessions

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Why should my child learn AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) assists in every area of our lives: when we read emails; get directions on Google maps; or receive music or movie recommendations on Spotify, Netflix, or YouTube. Then there’s Photo editors on smartphones; Tesla’s self-driving cars; and intelligent assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana. The list of how the world is constantly interacting with AI is endless. 

Our children, too, use multiple AI-powered devices. It guides their Web searches, helps determine which videos they watch, how they interact with games, and more. By understanding how AI works, children become more than passive users. They learn to see how AI impacts their choices today, and they gain the knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems that can transform our society and planet tomorrow. 

AI is an integral part of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education, which teaches children the 21st century skills they need for the future. In addition to coding, children learn problem-solving and critical thinking skills, collaboration, and resiliency—skills that are needed in any profession they decide to pursue.

The benefits AI can provide to society are unlimited. If AI is implemented by keeping the 5 Big Ideas of AI in the forefront of its innovations, AI will be used ethically and without bias. Our children are AI’s users and will be its originators tomorrow. By giving them a foundation in AI, they can ensure this technology is used to benefit society and our world. Get started with AI World School courses and empower your child to be future-ready!