AI Meritus

AI Meritus

6,999 / 24 Sessions

Build an impressive AI knowledge portfolio | Ages 14 & above

  • Duration: 24 Sessions

Al Meritus is an advanced AI programming course, and upon completion, students will have an impressive portfolio of work that demonstrates their skill and understanding of AI. Through project-based learning, students blend theory and experiential learning to develop 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and computational skills. 

In the course’s 50 lessons and projects, students design apps that address critical real-life situations, such as a security system for people who can’t use smartphones in an emergency. Students also develop practical apps that navigate, predict the weather, and identify human emotions as well as apps that are just plain fun. 

These engaging projects keep student interest high and teach essential AI concepts like perception, machine learning, deep learning KRR, NLP, and neural networks. To aid in the students’ mastery of AI concepts, they will be provided with the following programming languages:  S4AIWS Scratch extension, Sn4AIWS Snap AI extension, Machine Learning for Kids, Teachable Machine, Phiro Code mobile app, MIT App inventor.

  • Age range: 14 plus years
  • Level: Advanced
  • Duration: 24 Sessions x ~ 1 hour
  • Mode: Online and Self-Learning
  • Learning content: Rich & Experiential
  • # of lessons: ~ 50
  • # of quizzes: Six
  • Learning Experience: Hands-On
  • Concepts: 5 Big Ideas in AI
  • Coding tools: S4AIWS Scratch AI extension, Sn4AIWS Snap AI extension, Machine Learning for Kids, Teachable Machine, Phiro Code mobile app, MIT App Inventor
  • Capstone projects: 1
  • Subscription validity: One year
  • Course Certificate on Completion
  • Membership in AIWS Community

List of courses

Themes and Modules Learning Outcomes
Can AI recognise alphabets? Create a Machine Learning Model that recognizes English alphabets.
How can machines understand sign language? Model a Machine Learning system that recognizes sign languages by testing and training it.
How does AI track finger positions? Design a program to identify and track the position of finger joints.
How can we enable AI to track user based on his nose position? Analyse the position of human nose and create a program to track the same.
Can AI differentiate animal sounds? Tinker with an AI system which is able to recognize different animal sounds and program the system to detect poaching.
What is NLP? Develop a smart app that can take photos automatically & can adjust the settings based on the commands given using Natural Language Processing
Do machines understand human language? Create an app to use speech recognition & text extraction/classification and understand the differences between past & present scenarios along with speech generation.
Can machines obey commands? Design an app to identify the part of day & label them correctly irrespective of the misleading commands given.
How can we enable image classification using computer vision? Build an app that will analyse the video data using Computer Vision and suggest similar products/things related to the content of the video data.
How to create a security system? Secure AI is an emergency app designed for people who are unable to use smartphones in emergency situations. The app uses Sense perception & Speech to text conversion to get the people's command & act appropriately. The server app send the emergency signal while the client app alerts other persons regarding the emergency
What is Perception? Learn about Perception in AI and develop an AI programme that will detect compass directions. Demonstrate how computers sense and perceive the world around them.
Can AI model Dizzy Effect? Explore Perception in AI by analyzing the smartphones sensor and develop an AI programme to make the avatar react according to changes in sensor value.
How does AI support decision trees? Learn to code and create a program to play the "Guess the Number" game using Speech Recognition and generation tools.
How do machines recognise speech? Learn to code and develop an AI program to "navigate from one place to another" using Speech Recognition tools
What are Speech recognition and Generation tools? Code and create an Interactive Avatar program which utilizes Speech Recognition and generation tools.
Leaning with AI, is it possible? Develop a project that draw while you lean left or right in front of the camera.
Is it possible to change costumes over a photo? Build a program to style transfer costumes over a photo.
Can AI provide dynamic weather reports? Develop a program that shows and gives the weather report.
How does AI answer questions asked? Plan and develop a program that fetch data from Wikipedia for the questions we asked.
Can AI detect when a user touches his face? Learn about face detection and how it shows message while you touch your face.
What are Conversational Agents? Work on a text based conversational agent project to explore how supervised learning functions on different chatbots in banks,online courses etc.
How does AI classify images? Develop an AI Image classification program that will recognize and identify different objects based on the data provided by the user.
Can AI differentiate a happy face and sad face? Develop an AI Image classification program that will recognize and identify happy or sad human faces based on the data provided by the user.
Can we build a Voice Assistant? Explore the working of Alexa, Siri and other conversational agents, and interpret how they grasp user intent also create a basic AI Voice User Interface (VUI) program.
This is a perfect course for advanced learners, which blends theory and experiential learning enabling learners to develop the must-have 21st-century skills. Learners master AI concepts like perception, machine learning, deep learning, KRR, NLP, and neural networks through interesting video lessons. Guided projects using the S4AIWS Scratch AI extension, Sn4AIWS Snap AI extension, Machine Learning for Kids, Teachable Machine, Phiro Code mobile app, and MIT App Inventor are provided to aid their mastery. The 50 lessons and projects focus on building the learner's critical thinking, problem-solving and computational skills. Why wait, register your child now and take him on the eventful journey for a brighter future.