AI Ethics

AI and the Gender Equality Issue

AI and the Gender Equality Issue

“You’re like a robot” is often said to someone who shows very little emotion. The underlying implication is that machines like robots are non-human and are thus capable of a level of indifference that human beings are not. However, one forgets that machines are in fact simply a replication of humans. Any small machine, let […]

Its Challenges and the Future

Society runs on ethical values. It’s the ethical values that govern every aspect of our society. Speaking of the future, no one can imagine it without Artificial Intelligence. AI is the talk of…


Ethical facet of medical AI

Artificial intelligence is becoming very popular in the healthcare industry at a faster speed. AI technology is working with doctors delivering results with expert-level accuracy. Well, artificial intelligence holds the promise of tremendous breakthroughs but it also comes with some ethical questions that need to be considered. In this article, we will discuss some of […]