“The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it”

Mark Weiser

Who We Are

We are a team of educators and technologists who are passionate about helping students explore and understand the fundamentals of AI and coding and the role that it plays in our daily life.

Our founders and Governing Board have been involved with education and computer science for decades. Based on years of scientific research, these patented and proven courses for grades K-12 reach students at their individual level to accelerate learning, improve performance, and drive both college and career success.

Our mission is to help students become future-ready as they prepare for careers that will require an understanding of artificial intelligence as a key skill to prepare children to flourish in the era of AI.

AI World School is brought to you by Robotix the makers of Phiro, Robobricks, and Playbits which are products used in classrooms around the world.

What We Do

AI World School offers an online self-paced learning platform providing AI experiences to students at home and to K12 schools. We seek to empower children to explore, learn & create with AI in an age-appropriate environment. 

We are committed to providing both educators and parents with the most up-to-date curriculum and resources to accelerate learning and help students build a strong foundation of STEM skills preparing them for the future. We work with researchers, institutions, and companies, to enable the latest AI tech to students around the world.

As one of the fastest-growing edtech companies in this space, we have a unique vision to increase access to AI & coding and empower the inventors of tomorrow through both classroom and at-home learning

We believe that AI learning should be fun, creative, collaborative, ethical, empathetic, inclusive, purposeful & for social good.

Why do students need an understanding of AI?

Children today are surrounded by and brought up around AI-powered devices.

Artificial Intelligence is used so much in our everyday lives that we need to make sure that our children understand its impact and potential for the future of work and learning.

Artificial intelligence is expected to fuel the global digital economy and skills required to flourish in future careers are going to be very different from what it is today.

A recent Gartner report predicts one in five workers will have some form of artificial intelligence as a co-worker. Forrester predicts by 2021, automation technology will account for the work of nearly 4.3 million humans worldwide.

The World Economic Forum says AI will displace 75 million jobs but generate 133 million new jobs worldwide by 2022. These new jobs will target AI-related skills among people. (Courtesy Forbes)

Children are naturally curious and they are always looking for the next big thing to learn, create, innovate & make their own ideas come to life.

More than ever now is the time for our children to explore and play with AI.


Empowering Learners


Ramana Prasad

Chairman, AI World School


Dr. Wolfgang Slany

Pocket Code App Inventor
Professor Graz University of Technology, Austria


Dr. Donna Knoell

Globally Recognised STEM School
Education Expert, USA


Dr. U. N. Umesh

Washington State University, USA

Dr. Todd Ullah

Internationally Acclaimed K-12
School Educator in Tech, USA


Dr. S. Swaminathan

Dean, Sastra University,
TN, India


Aditi Prasad

COO, Robotix
BSL LLB & MS LKY | NUS Singapore


Dr. Ken Kahn

Oxford University, United Kingdom


Dr Pratyush Kumar

Assistant Professor,
IIT Madras