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ai in journalism

AI and Journalism: Creating the News Landscape of the Future

Artificial intelligence has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of journalism, marking its definitive arrival as a tangible reality. The widespread availability of digital media has unknowingly incorporated AI-driven content consumption into our daily lives. Simultaneously, AI in journalism has resulted in a substantial change in the landscape of journalism.   As we navigate the […]

ai in water management

Harnessing The Power of AI in Water management and Hydrology

The effectiveness of traditional physical models used in water resources modeling is limited due to their inability to simulate complex processes and their reliance on consistent observational data. The lack of access to such data hinders the development of these models. Furthermore, the challenges posed by climate change and increased hydrological variability make it difficult […]

ai in government

How Can AI in Government Help Improve Public Services and the Citizen Experience?

AI in government has the potential and capacity to revolutionize the way government entities operate in order to provide public services. By automating various redundant and repetitive operations, the application of artificial intelligence in the government sector boosts efficiency and production. AI in government can free up human resources to conduct more productive and vital […]

AI, blockchain and Metaverse

Blockchain and AI Meet in the World of Metaverse

We live in a digital world. The advancement and development of new technologies has made the virtual world a possibility. The virtual world represented by the metaverse is developing rapidly. In the Metaverse, a virtual world surpasses the real world, including a combination of AI and blockchain. Both blockchain and AI have the potential to […]

AI in Communication: Moving Towards a New Era of Digital Communication

AI in Communication: Moving Towards a New Era of Digital Communication

The use of AI in communication is becoming increasingly important and popular, especially in business and corporate communication. Artificial Intelligence in business communication is transforming the way information is exchanged between businesses and customers, and leading us to a novel world of corporate communication. AI in Communication – The dawn of a more advanced era […]

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases

There are several examples of artificial intelligence that we come across every day. In the past few years, the applications of artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis have increased considerably after the COVID-19 pandemic. Artificial Intelligence (AI), the intelligence exhibited by machines, has impacted every industry, sector, and the modern world. Artificial intelligence is the ability […]

The Impact of AI in Journalism

The Impact of AI in Journalism

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in day-to-day life. The autocorrect feature when typing something on your smartphone or while composing an email, and the recommendations you get when visiting shopping portals, is nothing but the use of AI-powered algorithms to eliminate manual tasks and save valuable time. AI for journalism is a reality. Just like […]


How can Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture Transform Livestock Farming?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has no longer remained an evolving technology. The technological evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning along with other advanced technologies have created a significant impact across various industries. The agriculture and livestock farming industries are no exception to this positive impact. With the inclusion of artificial intelligence in agriculture, the day […]