Fun AI Playgrounds with Scratch

Fun AI Playgrounds with Scratch

1,999 / 5 Sessions

Let’s start from Scratch and Learn AI

  • Duration: 5 Sessions

  • Age range : 7 to 10 years 
  • Level : Beginner 
  • Duration : 5 Sessions  x ~ 1 hour 
  • Mode : Online and Self-Learning
  • Learning content : Rich & experiential 
  • # of lessons : 5
  • # of quiz : 1
  • Learning Experience : Hands-On 
  • Concepts: 5 Big ideas in AI 
  • Coding tool : S4AIWS Scratch-AI-extension 
  • Capstone projects : 1
  • Subscription validity : 3 months
  • Course Certificate on Completion 
  • Membership to AIWS community 

List of courses

Themes and Modules Learning Outcomes
What is S4AIWS? Create AI enabled applications using the block based programming language Scratch with AI Extension.
Can machines differentiate languages? Design a program to recognize the language of the text entered by the user, using the "Recognize Language" extension of AI.
Is it possible to identify if a sentence is positive or negative? Create a program to recognize whether the sentence spoken by the user is positive, negative or neutral.
How can finger movement be tracked? Develop a program uses that the “Finger Identification” extension of AI where the sprite follows the finger movement of the user.
Does AI classify images? Build a program to teach the machine, numbers from 1 to 5 by showing images and entering the respective numbers.