Playful AI Explorations with Scratch

Playful AI Explorations with Scratch

1,999 / 5 Sessions

My first Scratch AI code!

  • Duration: 5 Sessions

With Scratch with AI Explorations, fun is the name of the game. With this popular, block-based programming tool, coding is a means to an end—creating exciting programs like a face recognition security system, a home security system, and an image classification model. Once kids start coding with Scratch, they’re on their way to creating their own games, stories, and animations, and the fun—and learning--just keeps growing.

  • Age range : 11 to 13 years
  • Level : Intermediate
  • Duration : 5 Sessions  x ~ 1 hour
  • Mode : Online and Self-Learning
  • Learning content : Rich & Experiential
  • # of lessons : 5
  • # of quiz : 1
  • Learning Experience : Hands-On
  • Concepts: 5 Big ideas in AI
  • Coding tool : S4AIWS Scratch-AI-extension
  • Capstone projects : 1
  • Subscription validity : 3 months
  • Course Certificate on Completion
  • Membership to AIWS community

List of courses

Themes and Modules Learning Outcomes
What is S4AIWS? Create AI enabled applications using the block based programming language Scratch with AI Extension.
Can you build a home automation system? Create a home automation system using a text-based machine learning model.
Is it possible to classify images? Build an image classification model using an image-based machine learning model.
What is computer vision? Create a face recognition security system using computer vision.
How to create a posenet detection model? Explore computer vision techniques to create a posenet vision estimation model using scratch.