6 reasons why coding has become important for students

coding for kids

There has been a lot of speculation and doubts raised by many as to why our children should learn coding. Well, as a parent, you may have concerns about whether it would prove productive or not? Whether it will be useful in the future? And many more!

Ever since the advent of AI, it has become important for the world to learn the skills concerning it as AI is being called the skill of the century. Coding education must be introduced into our education system. Digital technology has become a crucial part of our daily lives now. In case you haven’t noticed, every mobile app or software that we use is a product of coding. 

Still not convinced why our children must learn to code? Well, let us take you through some well-thought reasons why they should. 

1- Improves academic performance:

Ok, you may be thinking that how can another academic subject improve a child’s academic performance? Wouldn’t that pressurize the child even more? On the contrary, it’s found out that coding for students gives them an upper hand in their academics. It has proved that coding has helped children in understanding other subjects easily and is more inquisitive towards what they are being taught.  

2- Encourages creative thinking:

Coding involves a lot of creative thinking and hence, learning it will kindle the creativity of the child and put it to good use. Children learn effectively through experimentation and this helps them in embracing creativity which will later help them apply in other academic subjects. 

3- Enhances soft skills: 

According to a study conducted by Stanford University, it claims that to be successful it takes 87.5% of soft skills and the rest only 12.5% of the domain knowledge comes into play. Soft skills comprise alertness, creativity, spontaneity, etc. in any human being to function and thrive in a normal society. Thus, when children learn to code their soft skills are sharpened which enables them to perform in their daily lives. 

online coding for kids

4- Encourages problem-solving ability: 

Let’s face it, we all have been there. We have faced situations that were tricky to overcome and there are times we have felt that we could have handled it better. Every era has had different problems and with time the challenges will get trickier. Thus, children of today must be adept with techniques and problem-solving skills to be prepared for the challenges that will occur in the future. 

5- Future career prospects: 

As mentioned time and again, AI is being widely known as the skill of the century and it is also said that AI will replace certain jobs in the future. Thus, to do the jobs that will be available, it is necessary to upskill and also acquire new skills in this process. 

6- Coding encourages collaboration:

In a field that demands creativity, there is no limit to the imagination, theories, and concepts. Through their peers’ and mentors’ validation children tend to work and collaborate with their team and achieve desired results. Thus, coding encourages collaboration or simply puts teamwork. 


When is the best age for my kid to start learning to code? 

Some of the good programmers and coders claim that they started at the tender age of 5 or 6, but it’s not necessary. Ideally, it’s best to start when your child’s interest in the subject and curiosity to know more about it is kindled. Children tend to learn and understand effortlessly when they are interested in the subject and have this thirst to know more about it. AI World School is an educational platform that empowers students with AI and coding skills and prepares your children future-ready. Explore our courses from our websites today!


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