AI skills

AI Skills Students Must Gain in 2021

Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive technology and a buzzword in the world of industry, science, technology, and education. Most organizations across the globe are investing in new technology and systems powered by artificial intelligence. In today’s tech-savvy world that is driven by artificial intelligence, students need to learn AI skills as a part of their […]

Transfer Learning

Transfer Learning and it’s Real-World Applications

The use of machine learning and deep learning models has made a tremendous impact in the world of artificial general intelligence. However, there are huge data and time requirements for completing deep learning projects. Machine learning and deep learning models offer predictive and intelligent solutions. But training and labelling the models required a lot of […]

AI domain

5 Fascinating AI domain Project Ideas for Beginners

Powerful technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have created a tremendous impact in day-to-day life. Many people want to learn about the AI domain. Learning artificial intelligence is not as easy as it appears. However, it is not that tough either. Learning artificial intelligence is all about getting the basics clear. This can […]

data science

Data Science: Facts you must know

For any analysis, data is the key input that will determine the result or output of any analysis. Data science is the study of data which mainly focuses on developing methods of storing, recording, and analyzing data to extract useful information effectively. The sole purpose of data science is to gain insights and knowledge from […]

AI and nature

AI inspired from the mother nature

Nature is dynamic and evolving and therefore, it serves as a great source of inspiration for the algorithms of Artificial Intelligence. The evolution of AI marks many moments when they find their inspiration from nature for the development of a new generation of intelligence on the planet. Mother Nature, and all that it entails, has […]