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AI technology has seeped into every sphere of our lives. AI is the science that trains computers to mimic human intelligence, such as decision-making, text processing, reasoning, and visual perception. AI is a broader, general field that entails several subfields, such as machine learning, robotics, and computer vision. There are fascinating AI career opportunities available. This progressive technology is making a huge difference in the way we perform every task, from the mundane to the complex, especially with regards to the way we learn.

When it comes to learning, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the ways students can learn and receive a quality education. AI and machine learning have exerted a positive impact on almost every industry and this influence is anticipated to increase rapidly in the future.

AI is not only helping students in the classroom but also creating promising AI career opportunities. AI technology put forward great career trajectories for students due to its swelling demand in various industries. Students can choose the best option from a number of promising career paths in the field of artificial intelligence. In this article, we will cover current career prospects available for students and how they can set themselves up in the AI domain.

AI market worldwide is projected to expand to US $286.6 billion, driven by a compound growth of 42.2%. AI field is emerging, the job titles which we have included in the article will dramatically change depending on the size of the organization and industry as well. Following are some of the most promising AI career opportunities that students can opt from:


1- Data scientist:

Simply put, data science is a field of study that uses various techniques and theories to extract meaningful insights from structured or unstructured data. Data scientists are analytical experts who analyze and process data to find trends and uncover solutions for various organizations. Students are required to have a working knowledge of programming languages such as Python, SQL, or Scala. Demand for data scientists is extremely high in the current job market and is expected to escalate.

The goal of data scientists is to solve a company’s problem using data. They create predictive models based on the data. Data scientist is considered the best job in the USA, according to Forbes. Data scientist job responsibilities vary greatly depending on the size of the company. Students are required to have a solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, probability, and some knowledge in machine learning. It is one of the most demanding job among all the AI career opportunities.


2- AI data analyst:

Data analysts play a significant role in the decision-making process of any organization. They collect, organize, and manage data and develop key performance indicators for business. They visualize data patterns and discover useful information that supports decision-making. The field of AI data analytics offers a positive career outlook.


3- AI Engineer:

AI engineers are on the way to being the next biggest thing. AI engineers build AI models for businesses using machine learning and deep learning algorithms to draw productive insights. AI engineers are in inflated demand. Students can develop proficiency in programming languages such as C++, Python, or R, applied mathematics, statistics, and analytics to secure a good career as an AI engineer. 


4- Research Scientist:

This is considered one of the leading careers in the field of artificial intelligence. Almost all leading companies invest in R & D in artificial intelligence and related domains. Research scientists play significant roles in modeling complex AI systems and discover new means to take advantage of this constructive field. 

They push the boundaries of science in artificial intelligence. It is said in the industry that AI research scientists have the safest job on the planet. Students must inculcate in-depth knowledge of AI, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and computing to take up research scientist careers. 

AI career opportunities

5- Big Data Engineer:

This is the best paying position in the AI domain. Big data engineers are responsible for building an ecosystem within organizations that collect and communicate data between different business systems. Students can choose this career path and develop the necessary skills. They play a key role in designing and building big data environments. Significant programming experience and comprehensive knowledge in data visualization, data mining, and data migration can help to land a good job in big data engineering.


6- Machine Learning Engineer:

They are essentially computer programmers with solid software skills who can build, train, and deploy complex predictive models and program machines to perform specific tasks that could add business value. Students need to have a solid understanding of various tools and frameworks to build and train machine learning models. In order to land a good job as a machine learning engineer, students would need coding knowledge in Python, Java, or Scala.  


We hope this article will be informative and useful for you. It is right time to choose the best of the AI career opportunities! To know more about the career paths you can take after school and how you can prepare yourself, you can reach out to our team.


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