Various AI Music Software and Their Applications


Credit: Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

In view of the enormous potential of artificial intelligence in the music industry, several startups have flourished that develop software for the same. AI music software has gained the capability to generate copyright-free, original music. Not just for music composers, people who require music for social media advertisements or YouTube videos can also leverage this technology. 

Here are top AI music tools to look out for in 2020:



A music producer is required to create tons of music. AIVA Technologies uses artificial intelligence to compose soundtracks for movies, video games, and ads from scratch. Besides original composition, AIVA can use existing songs to produce variations. The software is equally capable of producing music for social media videos and corporate videos. Some of the pre-defined styles offered by AIVA include rock, electronic, modern cinematic, pop, ambient, fantasy, jazz, sea shanty, and tango. 

2-Amper Music 

Music licensing process is quite frustrating for many industry professionals. Amper Music utilizes AI-generated algorithms and a cloud-based platform to generate soundtracks for video games and movies of variegated genres. The software offers intuitive and convenient editing options for non-musicians as well. Moreover, one can customize the music according to the structure, length, and style preferences. 


The open-source platform offered by Google is based on Tensorflow. You can compose a new piece of music by remodeling the existing music. Magenta offers pre-trained models as well which is why it has become popular with musicians worldwide. All they have to do is import the Magenta plugin and let artificial intelligence work its magic. 


LANDR is one of the best audio mastering tools out there. It is used by professionals to refine their music rather than for composing. LANDR is an affordable audio mastering tool which does not require learning complex plugins or paying hefty studio rates. The software analyzes production style and genre to produce music that sounds like a pro!

5-Flow Machines

A renowned R&D project developed by Sony CSL, Flow Machines enhances and supports artists’ creativity in the world of music. It uses machine learning to generate base, chord, and melody thereby acting as an AI assistant for artists worldwide. While it cannot create original compositions automatically, Flow Machines is an incredible tool for composers who are just looking to augment their creativity through ideas and inspiration. 


Musicians often do not have the flexibility to note down their ideas for new compositions immediately. Humtap is a mobile application created just for that. Users can record their melody using the app which will then compose an entire song. Moreover, users have the option to add vocals and beats after the piece has been generated. 

7-IBM Watson Beat

IBM Watson Beat is available on GitHub as an open-source software. Users can create simple input melodies as well as rich compositions using Watson Beat. It utilizes machine learning technology to assist the human creative mind in the music production process. 

8-Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code is a perfect songwriting assistant which utilizes music AI software. It’s an iOS-based application which can be used by both music enthusiasts and skilled musicians. The AI software is equipped with innovative music structures and chord progressions required for creating new songs. However, songs created by the app have to be purchased. 

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for producers, composers, and content creators to boost their creativity. AI music composition software can allow producers to speed-up the creative process thereby saving a lot of time. AI composer software may sound scary for many people. It is, however, an effective collaboration between humans and AI to enhance the craft and capabilities shortly.