Is Artificial Intelligence For Social Good Any Good?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a buzzword these days across the globe bringing revolutionary changes in every sector. AI using concepts like deep learning, natural language processing, has the potential to tackle global problems that are creating an impact on society.

AI could help in handling several worlds’ most challenging social problems. We have associated various application of AI for social good in the following domains:

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare:

AI equips the health sector with the ability to analyze symptoms, gain information, and give a well-defined output. AI is used in diagnosis processes, personalized medicine, and patient observation and care. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston is applying AI technologies to discover deadly blood virus at an early stage. AI provides faster, more efficient and accurate results with minimum error.


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AI-based Intelligent holographic technology in a medical can help doctors to diagnose and treat patients in the variety of ways using digital scans originated from MRI, CT scan, etc. by providing ease with which they can reconstruct, deconstruct, transmit 3d images and create human anatomy in 3D space allowing them to zoom in, manipulate images, view organs, tissues from multiple perspectives.


Artificial Intelligence in Education:

AI is used in the education domain to fill the necessity gap in learning and teaching and empower schools and teachers to do more than before. AI is used these days to provide a hyper-personalized learning experience for each student by developing customized learning profile for each student based on their ability and experience. Arizona State University provides Amazon Alexa to many of its incoming college freshers customized as per their particular schedule and course.


Artificial Intelligence for Social Equality:

“Social equality is the only basis of human happiness” – Nelson Mandela

All over the world, there are different challenges in society related to equality, inclusion, biased behavior based on race, religion, gender, citizenship, disabilities. AI could support by providing real-time data and creating data-driven insights to formulate prevention-based interventions. As an example, a project by Eric Rice, Phebe Vayanos and Hsun-Ta Hsu, use AI to create an index assessing youth homelessness and provide housing interventions. AI can be used in identifying poverty-stricken areas and help aid workers to design plans for combating poverty.


Artificial Intelligence for Crisis Management:

During the natural disasters and rescue missions, there were several challenges like a danger to life, non-availability of resources at the site to handle the situation on time. AI is playing a major role in reducing reaction time by providing minute details related to the situation. AI-enabled drones can be used to find out the affected areas and algorithms can be formed to predict the progression of the wildfires optimizing the response of fire-fighters.

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Artificial Intelligence in Data Authentication and Documentation:

There is alarming growth of forged data on the internet which needs to be filtered. AI facilitates validation and guidance in obtaining reliable information. AI models filter misleading and false content. Facebook organized a Deepfake detection challenge with more than 2,000 participants, who tested against black box data set with challenging real-world examples. The highest performing model was able to achieve an average precision of 65.18%.


Artificial Intelligence in Infrastructure Administration:

AI could be used for the public benefit by controlling efficient water usage, energy consumption, waste management, proper urban planning. AI is helping in the development of a flawless infrastructure which can be self-driven. For example, traffic light networks can maximize vehicle throughput by using real-time camera feeds. AI provides an efficient and competent use of resources.


We can see the robust ability of AI to resolve the world’s greatest social difficulties from a few cases given in this article. AI can play a major role to find solutions to social problems. It is time to contribute more to our society by advancing in the field of artificial intelligence and discovering more innovative ways to resolve social issues.