Top 5 Reasons Why Kids Must Learn Coding

Top 5 Reasons Why Kids Must Learn Coding

Gone are the days when coding was considered to be a hobby for the tech geeks. The demand for coding has increased tremendously over many years. Coding is no longer just a hobby, but a career skill required in today’s competitive world. We are surrounded by mobile apps, websites, and web apps all around. All these have been created by writing code and programming. Employers are looking to hire employees who have coding and programming knowledge and practical experience of the same. For academic success and to understand the basics of coding, every child should learn coding from a young age.

The earlier the better

  • Coding is a method of communicating by providing specific instructions to a computer using a specific programming language to perform a particular function. 
  • Using coding, various computer software, mobile applications, websites, and web applications can be developed. 
  • Coding for students is important and needs to be taught as an integral part of the school curriculum. The earlier kids learn coding, the better are the chances of their success.

Why should my child learn coding?  If you are a parent wondering whether coding classes are right for your child or not, coding is something that should definitely be a part of your child’s skill sets.

Here are the top benefits of coding for kids. These are also the reasons why children must learn coding.

Kids develop problem-solving ability

  • Life is full of challenges and problems.
  • Learning how to code gives kids the opportunity to solve problems, not just mathematical problems, but real-world problems as well.
  • When kids learn coding and its basics, they understand how things function.
  • It also teaches them how to use the math they learn in school to solve problems in a creative and unique way.
  • Coding for students provides them with the opportunity to be excellent problem-solvers.
  • The problem-solving approach and ability developed by kids from a tender age is one of the benefits of coding.

Coding boosts creativity in children

  • When children learn coding, they experiment and try different things.
  • Experiential learning gives them the confidence to be creative in whatever they do.
  • With coding and programming, kids have the power to design something unique and different from their own mind.
  • Coding classes for beginners gives kids and young minds the opportunity to create their own games and activities, which is fun, interactive, and not at all boring for them.
  • Creativity is an important element that instills confidence in children as well.
  • Kids from a young age are confident and motivated to do things differently and creatively.
  • As rightly said – Creativity is the mother of all inventions.

Coding helps kids to think differently

  • To come up with something unique and different, it is crucial to think about different ideas.
  • Learning how to code is not just about typing some lines of code to develop a software or app.
  • Coding is about out-of-the-box thinking to get some unique ideas.
  • In order to code effectively and come up with a unique solution, logical thinking and reasoning is important for the programmers.
  • Coding for beginners trains the young minds not just in writing code, but to view a large problem and break it down into smaller pieces in order to solve it effectively.
  • The thinking skills that children acquire when they learn coding are not only useful in academics, but also in the professional world.

Involvement of parents and family

  • When kids learn how to code, it can foster a strong bond with parents and other family members.
  • Coding provides opportunities to parents of school-going kids to interact with them, perform coding activities at home, and understand the basics of coding and programming.
  • Most importantly, coding for beginners gives parents the opportunity to spend some quality time with their children.
  • For example, parents and children can work together to create interactive stories and games using Scratch, a block-based programming language.

Coding has a great career scope

  • When it comes to a career in coding, there are ample job opportunities available in the market.
  • Be it an industry, employers are looking to hire professional and trained coders and programmers.
  • The earning potential for a career in coding and programming is also huge.
  • When kids learn coding, it builds a platform and a base for them to pursue a career in coding in the future.
  • Coding classes for children makes them prepared for the future.
  • As kids grow up, they can consider opportunities such as computer programmer, web development, software development, network administrator, database administrator, and many others if they know coding and programming.
  • Having a deep understanding of coding and programming languages helps students to be flexible in choosing a career. 

Help your children learn how to code

  • Parents must realize the importance of coding for students and enroll them for coding classes.
  • A coding class would be a perfect gift from parents to their children.
  • When children learn coding, it gives them a challenge, which they love to overcome while having fun.
  • Children learn various skills with practice. Why not coding?
  • Kids aged 5 years or older can learn coding, starting with the basic concepts.
  • It is also interesting to know that kids who cannot read, can learn how to code using block-based programming language.

AIWS – Offering online coding classes for kids

  • Coding may look to be dull and boring to many. However, it all depends on the way it is taught to kids.
  • In order to introduce coding to children, AI World School has designed online coding classes for children.
  • These coding classes help children to learn coding anytime, anywhere.
  • The coding courses are meticulously designed by experts to make coding fun, interactive, and playful for beginners.

Build your own Android-iOS app

  • This online and self-learning course from AIWS provides rich and experiential learning content to learners from ages 11 to 13 years.
  • In this course, children learn coding with the help of Phiro code.

Just like this mini course, AIWS has many other courses

  • Xperienz the world of AI
  • Playful AI explorations with Scratch 
  • Fun AI playgrounds with Scratch 
  • Virtual driverless car
  • AI Primus
  • AI Meritus
  • AI Novus

Many of these courses focus on both coding and artificial intelligence.

Coding is an essential skill not just for the present but the future as well. For kids to become a part of the digital world and transformation, they need to know coding. With the increase in digitization of various products and services, the number of job opportunities that require coding skills are going to increase exponentially.


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