AI Revolution – What Does the Future Have In Store for Us?

AI revolution

The penetration of artificial intelligence can be witnessed in different walks of life. AI systems and processes have become an integral part of our day-to-day life. Whether it is Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, we all have seen what AI can really do. Smart machines, gadgets, and appliances have made everything a lot convenient, simpler, and hassle-free. Artificial Intelligence is assisting machines and computers and making them smart. With the help of AI, machines are able to perform tasks that we human beings can do. However, the AI revolution we are witnessing is just a drop in the entire ocean.

AI revolution – We have not seen anything yet

  • The market size of AI is expected to reach USD 61.59 billion by 2027. (Reports and Data)
  • Moving forward into the future, AI is expected to create a tremendous impact not just in various disciplines, but on human beings too.
  • What we are experiencing at present is just the tip of the AI revolution. A lot more is expected in the future years to come.

Liberal democracy and AI

The idea of liberal democracy is based on the idea of free will, right from the 18th Century.

In a system of liberal democracy, we have certain liberal value like:

  • The voter knows best in democracy.
  • The customer is the king and is always correct.
  • Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.
  • Chase your dreams.
  • Follow what your heart says.
  • Do what feels good to you.

The liberal mottos form the foundation of our political and economic system. The free choices of individuals and freedom to choose and express form the very basis of liberal democracy. These mottos were okay for the last two or three centuries.

Liberalization and Science

  • Free will was not a scientifically approved idea.
  • Science knows and understands only two processes.

Deterministic process

Random process

  • Deterministic processes + Random process = Probabilistic processes
  • It is crucial to know that probability and randomness are not freedom.
  • They mean that actions of human beings cannot be predicted.
  • When we talk about the history so far, human beings have appeared to be extremely complex organisms.
  • In the practical world, it makes sense to believe in the concept of free will.
  • The reason behind this is that nobody could understand an individual better than the individual himself/herself.
  • Individuals had desires, feelings, thoughts, dreams which individuals had privileged access to.
  • The privileged access refers to access that only an individual has with respect to what he/she is thinking or feeling.
  • However, with the AI revolution, privileged access is not limited to the alone.

The change in privileged access with AI revolution

  • AI companies around the world have got privileged access to what an individual thinks and how he feels.
  • The privileged access now belongs to top AI companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and many others. This has all happened because of the AI revolution.
  • With the AI revolution and privileged access, it is possible for AI companies to have access to what is happening in an individual.
  • It is likely that individuals don’t even know that various corporations, AI companies, and governments have privileged access to information about them.
  • At present, these AI companies only have access to the thought process of individuals. 

For example, Amazon knows which products you are looking out for form the previous search results. Same is the case with YouTube, hence we see the various recommendations that come when we are exploring various products online. 

  • However, 5 to 10 years ahead, these AI companies will get a much better access to what is happening inside the body, a far deeper access than what is being seen today.

Moving into the future AI revolution

  • The AI revolution will allow AI companies to know you better than even yourself.
  • These AI companies won’t be needing permission for privileged access to information stored inside you. 
  • Yes, in some countries where democracy doesn’t exist like China, permission to privileged access may be needed. 
  • However, in countries where we have democracy like the United States of America, the external agencies have the right to access information.
  • AI companies won’t be asking whether you want to give privileged access to information or not.

What is happening at present?

Most of the data that is being collected from human beings is from the skin outwards.

Be it the likes of major tech giants like Google, Amazon, or Facebook, or even the governments of various countries, they are trying to understand people on the basis of what they search online, who they meet, where they go, etc. All this is external.

AI revolution to get privileged access to the inside of the human body

  • The bigger AI revolution where AI companies will get privileged access to what is happening inside the body is coming soon.
  • It will happen when the AI revolution, machine learning, and infotech revolution merges with the biotechnology revolution.


  • Biometric credit cards and chips are being developed by top AI companies around the world.
  • According to this, a tiny chip which may be a credit card, will be used to make transactions by just placing the hand where the chip is inserted on a scanner and the transaction will take place instantly.
  • Also, smartphones will be able to monitor the heart rate or blood pressure in an individual directly, without any sensors, just through the changes in the eyes, mouth, and other parts.
  • This will be a real AI revolution.

Moving into the future, the box of what is happening in the human body will be open to AI companies and large corporations. We are moving towards a more responsible AI, where AI companies and governments will be using AI for the good of human beings.