AI in HR – Moving into an AI Driven Workplace

AI in HR – Moving into an AI Driven Workplace

In today’s competitive world, the adoption of smart and powerful technology is rapidly transforming the workplaces. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) can be witnessed in every industry and profession. The use of AI in the HR field is no exception. The integration of AI in human resources is making organizations function much better. The use of artificial intelligence in HR helps HR teams identify and predict problems even before they can arise. In an AI driven workplace, human resource professionals and teams can make better decisions.

Oracle and Future Workplace conducted a survey and found out that HR professionals believe that incorporating AI in HR can provide new opportunities for learning new skills and give a lot of free time, thus allowing the human resource professionals to expand their existing role within the organization.

Different organizations across the globe are adopting AI in HR at varying rates. It is quite evident that including AI in human resources processes will have a huge impact on the workplace. For this purpose, it is crucial for human resource professionals to understand how AI and human resources can go hand in hand and how it can be implemented in various functions of human resources.

Here is how the use of AI in HR can transform the entire workplace.

Automation of monotonous tasks

  • One key benefit of using AI for human resources is automation of repetitive, monotonous tasks.
  • Human resource professionals spend a lot of time unnecessarily on performing administrative functions that can easily be automated.
  • Implementing artificial intelligence in HR can help to automate monotonous tasks, thus giving more time to the HR professional to focus on strategic planning for the organization.
  • Also, with AI in HR, it is possible to automate pre-screening of the candidates, scheduling interviews, and much more.
  • Automation of the time-consuming tasks through the use of AI in HR also means that HR professionals will have more time to serve the employees in impressive ways.

Personalized communication

  • In today’s world, we all are used to personalized experiences in our day-to-day life. 
  • Whether it is shopping online or watching videos, we see personalized recommendations everywhere.
  • The expectations of customers are increasing with each passing day. This is true for employees as well.
  • Through the use of AI in HR, employees and candidates can get up-to-date alerts, personalized notifications, and communication alerts depending on their preferences and location.

Chatbots for 24*7 availability

  • When we talk about the use of AI in HR, artificial intelligence powered chatbots facilitate interactions really well.
  • Chatbots provide instant replies and answer questions of candidates and employees within minutes.
  • Whether candidates have questions related to the hiring process and interviews, or have any queries or concerns related to the training process, an AI-powered chatbot can respond immediately without wasting any time.
  • The adoption of AI in HR is not just beneficial to the employees and candidates, but the HR professionals as well.
  • Chatbots help answer some commonly asked questions from candidates and employees, thus saving valuable time for the human resource team.

Hiring and onboarding

  • The use of AI in the recruitment process benefits not only the hiring company, but the job applicants, as well. 
  • For example, AI in HR can streamline the job application processes by creating more user-friendly application forms that candidates are more likely to fill, thus effectively lowering the number of abandoned applications.
  • AI in human resource management can help maintain a database of past applicants. This would help the human resource professionals to connect with past applicants, if any suitable job opportunities relevant to their role open up.
  • The use of AI in the workplace can make the onboarding process extremely easy and convenient for new joiners.
  • New hires can use the human resource support system powered by AI anytime, anywhere.
  • They can learn about the policies, culture, and best practices of the organization at their own convenience.
  • This also reduces the administrative burden on the HR team.

Employee retention and promotion

Employee retention is a cause of concern for both small and large organizations across the globe. By embracing AI at work, the HR team can learn about employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction levels, and also understand the overall needs of employees. The use of AI-powered employee recognition software systems and personalized feedback and surveys make this possible. Through AI in HR, it is also possible to identify promotion opportunities within the same organization rather than hiring new employees from other companies.


Data-driven HR

  • The use of AI in human resources makes data-driven HR possible.
  • For identifying emerging trends and problems within an organization, nothing can beat data and real-time analytics.
  • Valuable data insights can help diagnose and fix small problems in an organization before they escalate to major issues.

When it comes to the emerging HR trends, artificial intelligence will possibly be the one that creates a major impact on the success of the organization, reinvent the employee experience, and reduce the workload on the HR department. Just like any other business function, the importance of AI in HR cannot be overlooked. It is time for organizations around the world to adopt AI in the workplace for higher productivity and improved results.