999 / 5 Sessions

Interactive conversational agent designed to teach AI concepts to young kids!

  • Duration: 5 Sessions

Age range : 7 to 10 years
Level : Beginner
Duration : 5 Sessions x ~ 1 hour
Mode : Online and Self-Learning
Learning content : Rich & Experiential
# of lessons : 5
# of quiz : One
Learning Experience : Hands-On
Concepts: 5 Big ideas in AI
Subscription validity : 3 months
Course Certificate on Completion
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List of courses is a smart, friendly, humanlike chatterbot.
Discover how conversational agents like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant work.
Themes and Modules Learning Outcomes
What are conversational agents? Explore and experiment with teachable AI using a voice-based input to understand conversational agents.
How does knowledge representation happen in machines? Discover how  AI can learn through Human interactions
Can we teach machines? Understand how to create a browser-based UI that displays what AI has learnt.
Can the knowledge be biased? Explain how biased systems affect society