999 / 5 Sessions

Interactive conversational agent designed to teach AI concepts to young kids!

  • Duration: 5 Sessions

Children explore and learn about AI personal assistants with their friendly guide,, a smart interactive chatterbot, is perfect for the job. not only helps kids learn about conversational agents, he also teaches them the basics of machine learning, how machines collect data, and how they organize it. Introduce children to and get them started on a captivating journey into AI.

  • Age range : 7 to 10 years
  • Level : Beginner
  • Duration : 5 Sessions x ~ 1 hour
  • Mode : Online and Self-Learning
  • Learning content : Rich & Experiential
  • # of lessons : 5
  • # of quiz : One
  • Learning Experience : Hands-On
  • Concepts: 5 Big ideas in AI
  • Subscription validity : 3 months
  • Course Certificate on Completion
  • Membership to AIWS community

List of courses is a smart, friendly, humanlike chatterbot.
Discover how conversational agents like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant work.
Themes and Modules Learning Outcomes
What are conversational agents? Explore and experiment with teachable AI using a voice-based input to understand conversational agents.
How does knowledge representation happen in machines? Discover how  AI can learn through Human interactions
Can we teach machines? Understand how to create a browser-based UI that displays what AI has learnt.
Can the knowledge be biased? Explain how biased systems affect society