AI Novus

AI Novus

8,999 / 24 Weeks

A step-by-step introduction to AI | Ages 7 to 10

  • Duration: 24 Weeks

  • Age range: 7 to 10 years 
  • Level: Beginner 
  • Duration: 24 Weeks x ~ 1 hour
  • Mode: Online and Self-Learning
  • Learning Content: Rich & Experiential 
  • # of lessons: ~ 30 lessons 
  • # of quizzes: Five
  • Learning Experience: Hands-On 
  • Concepts: 5 Big ideas in AI 
  • Coding Tools: Cognimates, mBlock, Phiro Code mobile app
  • Capstone Projects: 1
  • Subscription validity: One year
  • Course Certificate on Completion
  • Membership to AIWS Community

List of courses

Themes and Modules Learning Outcomes
What is AI? This experiential course provides students with an overview of the elements and concepts of Artificial Intelligence.
Can AI sense the world around them? Demonstrate how computers sense and perceive the world around them.
Can AI recognise human emotions? Discover various computer vision tools to read and recognise emotion.
How does AI perceive things? Explore how AI perceives with a fun project explaining gesture control.
Is text recognition possible by AI? Design an AI program that will read and recognise text using computer vision tools.
Does a computer have vision? Analyse how an AI program will use computer vision tools to read and recognise emotions.
Do machines understand human sentiments? Articulate and create an AI program that will recognise the user’s "Smile" score using sentiment analysis tools.
How can we enable AI to track user hand movement? Execute an AI program that will recognise the user’s hand using computer vision tools.
How do machines learn using AI? Explore and experience the need for labelled data for machines to learn.
Is decision making possible by AI? Plan and employ models and concepts to help decision making through data acquired.
Can machines read and understand the entered text? Build knowledge by actively exploring real-world situations to understand sentiment analytical tools.
Can we make a machine intelligent? Create a machine that will analyse text, semantics and understand NLP concepts and its impact.
What is natural language processing? Deep dive to understand the various facets of Natural Language Processing.
What is machine learning? Model and nurture creativity and creative expression by understanding Machine Learning.
Do machines understand human language? Design and implement an AI program to make machines understand human language.
How can we model machines to recognise colors? Explore how machine learning models and concepts help in decision making through data acquired over time using colour as basis.
Does AI support language translation? Design a language translator & understand its real world applications.
How do machines learn using AI? Create an intelligent machine that will learn by itself.
Do machines also exercise? Explore how computers understand natural human language. They will create an Intelligent machine that will analyse Text, Semantics and draw different shapes.
What are conversational agents? Play & Learn with conversational agents such as Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri and learn how to develop a simple conversational agent.
Is AI language dependent or can it recognise any language? Explore how computers understand different languages.
Can AI create and play music its own music? Develop an intelligent machine that will analyse and play music of your choice.
How does AI draw different shapes? Explore how computers understand natural human language and create an intelligent machine that will analyse text, semantics and draw different shapes.
Is it possible to detect a person's face by AI? Learn about Perception in AI and execute an AI programme that will detect a person’s face.