How AI technology helps in creating STEM Engagement

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The use of Artificial Intelligence is glorified and its adoption is on the constant rise. Implementation of AI technology directly or indirectly is taking place and it is seeping down to almost every system. Schools are no exception. AI has made its way into the education system and educators need to be aware of this. AI in school can be used to enhance engagement between students and teachers and make studies more interesting for students. Read on to know some interesting facts about STEM engagement and AI. 

Why is using AI technology in STEM engagement beneficial?

It is an unbending fact that the use of AI in the classroom for STEM engagement is a splendid concept. A plethora of benefits could be witnessed when AI is implemented in the education system, some of which are:


1- Setting perfect pace

Every student has their own pace to learn things and the conventional “one fit for all” system is detrimental for several students. With AI technology, every student will get the perfect pace with which they could learn different concepts and stem interest could be inculcated in them. With this, no student would be nothing like slow learners as AI would adapt itself according to the student.

2- Personalized mentoring 

The present scenario of schools is not something everyone would find great. Schools are crowded and keeping focus on every student is not as easy as it might sound. But with AI it would be possible, as it would allow personalized tutoring. Students who are introverts would be able to ask questions and have more accessibility than before. 

AI in stem education


3- Better understanding 

Technology is a boon to mankind. With proper implementation of technology, the students will be acquainted with the visual and audio data which will help them to understand terms in a better way and make hard concepts much easier. 

4- Globalizing Education 

Education has become available at every place at every time, all thanks to technology. With AI, the students would be accessing knowledge if they are unable to visit the school and won’t lag. Rural students would be benefited as they would access knowledge that would be on par with international standards.


AI technology and Education 

AI is being successfully applied in various educational fields and is proving to improve the learning and understanding capabilities of the students. Not only students but educators themselves can witness the improvement in their performance when they use AI for teaching.


  • Emotional wellbeing of the students: AI will assess the emotional state of a student and help them stay motivated and learn easily.
  • Spotting and filling errors: AI could help teachers to find the errors in various areas and resolve them quickly.
  • Children and AI: The main focus of AI is to evolve interest in the students. Several AI-supported robots are present which work alongside students to help them in learning and understanding. NAO is a robot that works with students and teaches them.


A great initiative 

One of the best examples of using AI for STEM engagement was when DATABOT an AI-controlled education assistant was used for a data game. The game was to deliver a maximum CO2 percentage which would be calculated by DATABOT for a period of 15 seconds and would be uploaded on Google’s Science Journal. The participants tried out a number of ways to deliver the maximum CO2 percentage. .AI can be utilized by academic institutions to drive and ensure STEM engagement.


AI for k12 is something that has become the buzz nowadays. AI used for online education is something that has helped many students understand difficult concepts at this time of crisis without compromising the quality of the knowledge. Implementation of AI for STEM engagement is one of the best concepts that have risen in recent times. Every school should discuss it and implement it to brighten the future of every student.


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