Why Should Children Be Introduced to Emerging Technologies?

Why Should Children Be Introduced to Emerging Technologies?

We are living in a digital world that is interconnected due to the impact of emerging technologies. Emerging technologies continue to transform our lives, making them better, faster, and more exciting. The benefits of technologies can be seen in day-to-day life. From using Google Maps to find your favorite food joint to AI-powered shopping, emerging technologies are everywhere.

Children are being surrounded by various emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, blockchain, cloud, robotics, and others. It is important that they should be introduced to the emerging technologies that they come across in everyday life from a young age.

Increased visual attention

  • Exposure to emerging technologies helps children focus and concentrate better.
  • This increases their visual attention and also their ability to focus meticulously on the details.
  • On learning the use of various emerging technologies, children become more attentive and alert about the things happening in their surroundings.

Improved social interaction

  • When emerging technologies are used effectively, they can be used to communicate and collaborate with others.
  • For example, in the United States, many children are given the opportunity to collaborate and work with other children on a project through the use of technology.
  • In this way, the latest technologies help children socially interact with each other in groups.

A problem-solving approach

  • The nature of emerging technologies is such that it allows young minds to work on their own.
  • When kids learn STEM concepts like coding and programming, it enables them to break down a large, complex problem into small steps.
  • The development of strong analytical skills, along with a problem-solving approach learned by children with exposure to emerging technologies, can be applied by them in the real-world as well.
  • Also, when children play games on the tablet, they learn to perform the right set of actions in order to move to the next step.

Communication skills

  • Another important skill that emerging technologies teach children is verbal and written communication.
  • Learning various programming languages is just like learning a new language.
  • Looking out for solutions or working on a coding task involves a lot of communication.
  • Exposure to emerging technologies is an effective way of honing the communication skills of children.

Preparing children for the future

  • Technology is advancing with each passing day, and the dependency of the economy on technology is increasing rapidly.
  • Exposure to emerging technologies and hands-on experiential learning helps train and prepare students for future digital demands.

Empowers children

  • By programming apps and creating designs, children learn to make the right decisions and right choices and find the right solution to the problem.
  • Children also overcome various barriers or obstacles when coding or playing games.
  • When children code, they are becoming active participants in creating apps rather than just being passive users.
  • Thus, emerging technologies empower children to actively participate in various projects.

Making learning enjoyable and simple

  • Emerging technologies make learning STEM subjects, especially math, easy and convenient.
  • Although emerging technologies may appear to be a distraction to parents, they can make learning fun, interactive, and easy, especially for the subjects that children find dull and boring.

Improve academic performance

  • Introducing children to emerging technologies and the latest trends transforms their approach to learning.
  • New technologies maintain the natural curiosity in children.
  • Children develop skills like logical reasoning, creativity, and computational thinking, which help improve their academic performance.


  • When introduced to emerging technologies, children learn to solve problems, overcome challenges and obstacles, and find solutions on their own.
  • They understand from a young age that problems and challenges are part and parcel of life, and it is vital to tackle them heads-on.
  • When working on any project, they understand that they may fail at the first attempt. However, they try again and again and don’t give up.
  • Instead of giving up and failing, they try to come up with alternative solutions, thus developing resilience.

Career opportunities in the future

  • As children learn and master emerging technologies, they will have the opportunity to pursue career opportunities in the future. 
  • The application of technological skills is not just limited to the IT industry alone. 
  • Children who have expertise and experience in emerging technologies can pursue careers in various sectors like banking, finance, retail, travel and tourism, healthcare, sports, and others.

The exposure of young developing children to emerging technologies is vital.It is not just about playing educational games on a laptop or tablet screen. Developing When exposed to emerging technologies, it enhances the technological skills of children and gives them a competitive edge in today’s digital world. Parents, teachers, and schools can help children understand various emerging technologies in the digital world. This is the reason why we see the STEM curriculum and robotics being taught by many schools to young children.


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