AI Skills Students Must Gain in 2021

AI skills

Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive technology and a buzzword in the world of industry, science, technology, and education. Most organizations across the globe are investing in new technology and systems powered by artificial intelligence. In today’s tech-savvy world that is driven by artificial intelligence, students need to learn AI skills as a part of their career stream in order to be successful at the corporate level.

There is a huge skills gap that exists between what the industries and organizations demand to what the workforce knows. In order to bridge this gap, it is crucial that the students know and learn AI skills right from a tender age. By learning AI in schools, students can master artificial intelligence by the time they are ready to make a career in any field. AI skills can be applied in any industry and not just the IT industry.

In order to reduce the digital skills gap that exists in today’s world, Intel has launched a flagship program called ‘Intel AI for Youth’. The main purpose of launching this program is to empower the youth of different countries with AI skills and social skills as a part of learning AI in schools.


  • Artificial Intelligence could create 97 million new jobs by the year 2025. (World Economic Forum)
  • The artificial intelligence market globally is expected to reach USD 267 billion by 2027. (Fortune Business Insights)


With the rising demand for professionals that are experts in AI skills, it makes sense for schools and institutions to invest in artificial intelligence in education. Even students going to schools and colleges are showing interest in artificial intelligence courses to enter the industry and make a career stream in it.

In order to choose artificial intelligence as a career stream, it is essential to learn or acquire some AI skills that can be learned or acquired with the artificial intelligence course.

The top skills to be learned in AI can be divided into three categories, as follows.

Category 1: Languages and Tools

Programming languages

  • For anyone looking to master artificial intelligence, Python is the most commonly used computer language for programming AI systems, from developing algorithms to encoding.
  • Some of the other programming languages that need to be a part of the artificial intelligence course for students include Java, C++, R, Lisp, Prolog, Julia, etc.
  • Students need to have the best skills in Python if they are planning to pursue a career in AI.

Unix tools

  • Most of the data processing work that is carried out in AI is done in the Linux environment.
  • Hence, it is vital for students to learn about the Linux based system as a part of learning AI in school.
  • The different Unix tools that will help students to master artificial intelligence include grep, sort, ark, tr, etc.

Signal processing techniques

Signal processing is indispensable to master artificial intelligence. It focuses on analyzing, modifying, and producing signals in the form of sound, images, etc.

Category 2: Subjects for artificial intelligence course

Machine Learning (ML)

  • Acquiring the top skills of machine learning as a part of the curriculum of AI in schools enables students to learn how a machine can behave intelligently using artificial intelligence.
  • ML is all about training the machines to work intelligently and make the right predictions, just like humans.

Data Science

  • When it comes to acquiring AI skills for students, data science cannot be overlooked.
  • Data Science is an integral part of the artificial intelligence course that involves extracting clean data to get actionable insights.
  • Data Science as an AI skill is mainly dependent on data analysis.

Deep Learning

  • Deep Learning is a subtype of machine learning in which the artificial intelligence system learns and mimics the way humans perform certain tasks.
  • Deep Learning is a key part of the artificial intelligence course and is something that the learners need, if they have to master artificial intelligence.

Neural Networks

When we talk about AI in education, artificial neural networks cannot be ignored. They are known to replicate the neural network present in the human brain.

Category 3: Behavioral

Communication and Collaboration

Mastering the best skills of AI – communication and collaboration will help students to implement them in all key areas of life and not just AI alone.

Problem-solving approach

The main purpose behind including problem-solving as one of the key skill sets that students should learn as a part of their artificial intelligence course is to solve complex challenges that humans face using AI and make life a lot easier for everyone. In order to master artificial intelligence, students need to learn how to formulate new sets of rules to solve intricate problems.

In order to make a successful career in the field of AI, achieving mastery of the above skill sets is indispensable for students. Learning AI skills at a young age will benefit students in the present and the long run as well, when they will be ready to join the AI workforce.


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