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Our flagship AI courses

    AI Novus

    A step-by-step introduction to AI | Ages 7 to 10

    8,999 / 24 Weeks

    AI Primus

    Everyone can learn AI | Ages 11 to 13

    8,999 / 24 Weeks

    AI Meritus

    Build an impressive AI knowledge portfolio | Ages 14 & above

    8,999 / 24 Weeks

Explore more courses

Discover Elements of AI

Getting started with AI

1,999 / 5 Weeks

Fun AI Playgrounds with Scratch

Let’s start from Scratch and Learn AI

1,999 / 5 Weeks

Meet 2ring.ai

Interactive conversational agent designed to teach AI concepts to young kids!

1,999 / 5 Weeks

Xperienz The World Of AI

Be AI awesome !

1,999 / 5 Weeks

Playful AI Explorations with Scratch

My first Scratch AI code!

1,999 / 5 Weeks

Build your own Android + IOS app

Coding games, animations, stories & much more!

2,999 / 10 Weeks

Explore Javascript for AI

A versatile, easy to understand hands-on curriculum

4,999 / 30 Weeks

Discover AI with Python

Deep dive into one of the best AI coding platforms

4,999 / 30 Weeks

Xperienz Python + JS for AI

Explore AI applications with 2 powerful platforms

8,999 / 60 Weeks

Why should my child learn AI?

AI assists in every area of our lives, whether we’re trying to read our emails, get driving directions on Google maps, music or movie recommendations on Spotify, Netflix or YouTube, to Photo editors on smartphones, Tesla‚Äôs self-driving cars, to intelligent assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and the list is endless of how the world is constantly interacting with AI.

Children today grow up around AI-powered devices. We believe that with the knowledge of how AI works and its impact, children have the potential to create innovative solutions to real world problems transforming our societies and shaping the future of our planet.

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